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About Us

Take A Breath offers breathing techniques and health and lifestyle tips to help ordinary people live extraordinary, healthy lives.

Take A Breath is for those wanting to achieve better health, happiness and performance by creating balance in this high paced, stressful world we now live in.

Our approach is heavily influenced by the ‘mismatch’ theory of evolution, health and disease. That is, we have created a huge mismatch between the bodies we have inherited from our hunter-gatherer ancestors and the modern culture and lifestyle we have created.

Yet, of all of the factors of living that influence our health and performance, breathing remains one factor that we know the least about and take completely for granted.

As health practitioners working with breathing for many years, we have seen the fantastic benefits of breathing for health, performance and happiness.

Combining this knowledge with other health and lifestyle tips, we help you take a breath from the modern world, and get the most out of your life.

Join us for the exploration into optimal living. You will be breathtaken by the outcomes.

Who are we

Matt Radford and Tim Altman were originally friends at secondary school, who then went their own ways and lost touch until their mid-forties.

Matt went on and became a physiotherapist, Chinese medicine practitioner and Wim Hoff Technique (breathing) instructor.

Tim’s initial major at university was in the field of psychology, however he ended up becoming a Naturopath, Mickel Therapist and respiratory therapist.

Whilst their professional careers took them in different, independent directions, what fueled or motivated their professional pathways, and what culminated in a passionate interest professionally, were the same thing.

Matt and Tim both developed chronic fatigue syndrome (as it is understood now – not then) in their late teens and early twenties. Their professional careers were both fueled by their own personal pathways back to health, and into the exploration of optimal living.

And, in their forties, discovered the modality of breathing.


It wasn’t until they touched based again in their mid-forties regularly surfing together, that they discovered that their careers had very similar origins and motivations; and certainly culminated in the same passion towards breathing as a modality, and the pursuit of optimal living.

It was their chats in the water between waves that paved the way for the birth of Take A Breath.

They both shared a strong desire to share what they had learned both personally and professionally with the wider community.

So here we are.

Who are we

Tim Altman

B.Sc, B.S.Sc, Respiratory Therapist, Mickel Therapist

Tim is a naturopath/nutritionist, respiratory therapist, Mickel therapist, retreat director and and coach based in Torquay and Geelong.

Tim originally completed a Bachelor of Science and entered honours in psychology.
At the same time, he was training and competing at a national and international level in kayak paddling and surf lifesaving, with an eye to Olympic selection. However, these plans changed as a result of Tim developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).


This instigated a journey over several years of discovering initially what was wrong, and then investigating health methods and modalities that eventually led to Tim’s return to normal health.The exploration of optimal health, and happiness, has been what has shaped Tim’s personal journey and professional services as a naturopath, respiratory therapist and Mickel Therapist ever since.

Tim has written and published articles and is available for consultation, coaching, and speaking on topics including:

  • Nutrition an Naturopathy

  • Mickel Therapy

  • Sports Nutrition – training and competition

  • Respiratory Therapy – Breathing Dynamics – for stress management, relaxation, chronic illness and optimal performance

  • Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Depression

  • Regulating Blood Sugar Levels.

  • Natural Fertility Management.

  • Detoxification and Fasting

  • Weight Management

  • Sleeping Difficulties

  • Super or ‘Meta’ Health and Wellness

  • Meditation

Tim currently conducts clinical work in Torquay, Geelong and in Melbourne as well as via phone or Skype for clients in remote areas

About Tim

Matt Radford

Physiotherapist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Wim Hof Method Instructor

Matt is a Physiotherapist, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and a Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor based in Melbourne, Australia.


After suffering severe glandular fever as a teenager, subsequent chronic fatigue syndrome, and realising there was little help for him in Western medicine, Matt dedicated himself to the study of health and exploring as many different healing paths as possible.

Studying Meditation and Vipasana, Reflexology, Shiatsu massage, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Qi and Qi Gong as well as two Bachelor of Applied Science degrees later, Matt met Wim Hof – the legendary “Iceman”, who introduced him to the incredible power of the breath. Since becoming a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor, he has taught hundreds of people the Wim Hof Method breathing techniques in Melbourne.

After more than 30 years working as a health professional,  Matt as is passionate as ever about helping others  become healthy, happy and strong.  Realising Tim shared this same excitement about healing potential of breath work, sparked the foundation of Take A Breath.

Matt is available for consultation, coaching, and speaking on topics including:

  • Tai Qi

  • Qi Gong

  • Wim Hof Method

  • Physiotherapy

  • Chinese Medicine

Matt runs a busy clinic in Ivanhoe,  Melbourne treating patients for many common and not so common health issues.

Another popular service Matt offers is Personalized, Wim Hof Method coaching. You can call Centre Of Health to book or enquire on 94410088

About Matt
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