Whilst we can custom create clinics for you needs, and come to you, here are some of our most common clinics:

  • Wim Hof Method breathing clinics

  • Diaphragmatic breathing for Relaxation and Stress Management

  • Breathing Dynamics to Optimise Exercise and Sporting Performance

  • Breathing Dynamics for Surfing Performance - including increasing breath hold time

  • Breathing for treatment and prevention of chronic illness, including; asthma; breathing difficulties; sinusitis; allergies; anxiety and depression; fatigue; chronic pain; IBS, reflux and digestive issues; headaches and migraines; adrenal fatigue, and more."

There are 3 options for clinics:

1. One on one clinics with Tim or Matt  

in person in Ivanhoe, Sth Melboure, Torquay or online

2. Group clinics

We offer a range of group breathing clinics for a number of outcomes and can custom create clinics and workshops for your needs.

 3. Online courses for a number of outcomes

 Coming soon.


Upcoming Clinics


Namotu Island, Fiji

Clinic for surfers. 

Breath holds, and breathing for performance and relaxation.

September 2022

At Namotu Island Resort, Fiji

Wim Hof Method Workshop

Next Workshop for 2022
To be announced..... 

For more information on Wim Hof Method in Melbourne, check out Matt's Wim Hof page

Online Courses

Online Courses are coming soon to Take A Breath.

Improve your Breathing and Life from your own home. 

If you are interested in finding out more fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

The Take A Breath team